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Your chance to buy a piece of Croatian “Love Island”

Written by  Jan 25, 2023

It is probably one of the most photographed islands along the whole of Croatian Adriatic coast. Which is a big statement when you consider that there are over 1,100 island to choose from. The reason is simple, it’s shape. And now is your chance to buy a piece of this Croatian “Love Island.”

Galešnjak, the popular island of love in the Pašman channel, could soon have new co-owners.

Namely, on Monday, the sale of 30,000 square meters of land on the heart-shaped island, with a total area of 142,000 square metres, was announced for an incredible 10 million euros, or 300 euros per square metre.

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'That's right, three hectares of the island have been advertised for sale. For now, the interest is relatively high, and the most serious interest has been shown by some investment funds,” stated the seller's representative, writes

He stated that the owners of the rest of the island were not interested in selling it, and that according to the existing law, it is possible to build a villa or a restaurant with an area of 400 square metres and another 1,000 square metres for growing olives or vines.


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