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Cigarette prices in Croatia could soon jump drastically Canva

Cigarette prices in Croatia could soon jump drastically

Written by  Nov 28, 2022

With a new tax, cigarettes in Croatia would become more expensive by at least ten Kuna per pack.

The European Union is preparing a new tax blow to the tobacco industry, through a proposal to increase the lowest possible excise duty. This means that they will increase the price of cigarettes in Eastern European countries, where some cigarettes can still be bought for less than three euros, writes Jutarnji.

Thus, the minimum possible excise duty on cigarettes is expected to increase from 1.8 to even 3.6 euros for a pack of 20.

Thus, the minimum excise duty per pack of cigarettes will amount to 3.6 euros or 27 Kuna, which means that the entire range of tobacco brands will increase in price drastically.

Until now, the minimum excise duty on cigarettes in Croatia was 17.76 Kuna for a pack of 20, which leads to a retail price of 28.71 Kuna per pack. Therefore, there is talk of a price increase of at least 10 Kuna per pack in the Republic of Croatia.

It is expected that the increase in excise duties on tobacco products will raise the revenues of EU member states by 9.3 billion euros. Another idea of the EU administration is to have a "tobacco-free" generation by 2040, when the share of users of tobacco products would be less than 5 percent.


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