Thursday, 01 December 2022

How much could Croatia earn in the World Cup?

Written by  Nov 24, 2022

For the World Cup in Qatar, FIFA has additionally increased the prize money compared to Russia, and all together they will distribute a dizzying 425 million euros!

Placement in the group stage alone brings with it a pay day of 8.7 million euros for each national team, while placing in the round of 16 brings a whopping 12.5 million euros.

A cash prize of almost 16.5 million euros is guaranteed for reaching the quarterfinals, while the fourth-placed national team will receive as much as 24 million euros from FIFA.

The third placed team at the World Cup in Qatar will receive 26 million euros, the world runner-up 26 million, while the world champion will earn a massive 40 million euros!

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