Wednesday, 29 November 2023

Croatia Airlines to expand flight service for 2023 - new connection for Dubrovnik

Written by  Nov 12, 2022

Croatia’s national airline plans to introduce four new international destinations to their flight schedule for 2023, reports EX-YU Aviation. Croatia Airlines will operate flights to 22 destinations next year, and the new routes include an interesting one from the far south of Croatia. Dubrovnik will have flights to Prague next year as part of the airlines expansion plans.


The other new routes for 2023 include two new flights from Split, to Skopje and Oslo, both on a seasonal basis. And the fourth new flight will be from the island of Brač to Munich, a line that is sure to boost tourism on the island.


Overall, the company plans to maintain almost 17,000 flights next summer and offer 1.82 million seats between March 26 and October 28. These figures are still slightly below pre-pandemic 2019 levels but up 20 percent on this year, reports EX-YU Aviation.


Croatia Airlines will operate a total of seven international flights from Dubrovnik. Along with the new Prague flights there will also be connections to Rome, Paris, Munich, Athens, Frankfurt and London.


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