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Revenue from Croatian tourism higher than expected Canva

Revenue from Croatian tourism higher than expected

Written by  Aug 29, 2022

Revenues from tourism in Croatia will surpass the 10.5 billion euros of foreign exchange revenue from 2019, but according to other parameters, this year's season remains below that record year.

From the beginning of the year until last weekend, a little less than 14.2 million tourists had visited Croatia and 80.6 million overnight stays had been achieved.

August, traditionally the busiest month of the year for tourists in Croatia, has seen 3.7 million tourists and 26 million overnight stays. The peak of the season was the first weekend of August and ever since that weekend the number of tourists arriving has been falling slowly.

However, the tourist authorities are more than satisfied with the season. Official estimates were relatively conservative at the beginning of the year, and they have been surpassed by a long way.