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Justin Bieber comes to Croatia – these are his demands

Written by  Nov 08, 2016

Beliebers are ready! The big Justin Bieber concert in Zagreb is just a day away and all the fans are really excited. Where he will stay and when he will come are two big secrets, but the organizers have discovered his wishes – writes It seems that Justin has reserved rooms in three luxury Zagreb hotels – Sheraton, Esplanada and Westin under secret names, so he can be sure that the army of fans doesn't jump on him as soon as he arrives. 

To feel like home Justin has requested a jacuzzi, since he relaxes in it after every concert. Because of that, it has to be right at the place where the concert is held. Some of the things that Justin just can't live without must be imported from Canada, such as Big Foots and Sour Patch sweets and Captain Crunch cereals.

Also, Justin's private chef who follows him on his tour will make meals from fresh and domestic products bought on the famous Zagreb green market – Dolac. One of the specialties that Justin will eat is fresh fish right from the Adriatic and he also wants to try 'strukle', one of the traditional Croatian meals. Since he's a big pizza lover, he also demanded to try the best pizza in Zagreb, made with finest ingredients and baked in a wood oven.

Bieber has prepared a great concert for his audience and he also plans to play guitar, piano and drums. His crew consists of over 150! We're sure that his fans will enjoy the spectacle in Arena Zagreb.

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