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Bumper year for tourism and revenue in Croatia

Written by  Aug 16, 2022

The course of the main tourist season is excellent, we are approaching the record year of 2019 and the income will be large, said the director of the Croatian Tourist Board (HTZ) Kristijan Staničić, on Monday.

He added that at the moment Croatia has around 96 percent of overnight stays and 90 percent of arrivals compared to 2019. Today, there are about one million and one hundred thousand tourists in Croatia.

And he commented on the forecast of the Croatian National Bank (CNB) that Croatia will earn about 7 percent more from tourism this year, which is about 800 million Euros more, compared to 2019.

Namely, according to CNB estimates, tourism revenues could reach 11 billion 300 million euros this year. "We have great announcements for the postseason, so at the end of the year we will add up the indicators and income, for sure the season will be great", assessed Stanicic.

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