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New prices at Croatian petrol stations

Written by  Aug 09, 2022

At petrol stations in Croatia, a litre of Eurosuper 95 fuel will cost 11.30 Kuna as of today, which is 70 Lipa less than last week, while the price of basic Eurodiesel fell by 66 Lipa, to 12.14 Kuna.

According to data from the fuel price search engine of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, the price of basic Eurosuper 95 at INA, Petrol, Crodux, Tifon and other distributors as of today is HRK 11.30.

On Monday the Government adopted a new decree on determining the highest retail prices of petroleum products.

According to the information from the press release, "if there were no government measures, gasoline would be HRK 13.19 per litre, diesel HRK 14.49 per litre, and blue diesel HRK 9.40 per litre."

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