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Could the south of Croatia face water restrictions as warm weather continues Canva

Could the south of Croatia face water restrictions as warm weather continues

Written by  Aug 02, 2022

Could the south of Croatia face a serious water shortage? The summer temperatures across Dalmatia have been in the mid-thirties for months and rain hasn’t fallen over a constant period of time since the summer began. And with another hot and dry August on the way it could be at least another month before normal rainfall arrives. And this, according to the State Hydro Meteorological Institute, could cause a problem with drinking water in the south of Croatia.

The institute warned on Tuesday that since the water in the south of Croatia is more dependent on the amount of precipitation, if there is no rain, the availability of drinking water could become a problem, as water consumption has increased due to the tourist season.

In Croatia, temperatures have been high for a long time, at the end of July they rose to 39 degrees Celsius, and the current hydrological state and river water levels are significantly affected by the lower amount of precipitation in recent months, according to the institute.

“According to the calculations of the meteorological models, there are no forecasted significant precipitations in the next week that could improve the current hydrological situation,” said the institute.

Already the Istrian County has limited water consumption and prohibited the watering of public and private green areas, the use of showers on beaches, the washing of vehicles and public areas, streets and squares. And if rain doesn’t fall soon on the south of Croatia similar water restrictions could be seen.


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