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Welcome to Croatia – here’s your bottle of water! Canva

Welcome to Croatia – here’s your bottle of water!

Written by  Jul 30, 2022

Once again this year the Croatian Tourist Board is also organizing the handing out of bottles of water at the four main road border crossings into the country. As the late July temperatures reach the mid-thirties tourists arriving at the Croatian borders, ahead of a vacation on the Adriatic, will be in need of some refreshment.

"This is a traditional action of the Croatian Tourist Board, with which we want to make it easier for tourists to wait at the borders with the increased traffic due to the peak of the tourist season and the high temperatures," stated Kristina Mamić from CNTB.

Water will be distributed with the welcome message "Welcome to Croatia" and a QR code that leads to the webpage where tourists can see the entire tourist offer.

In addition to water, they will also distribute promotional items, such as t-shirts, and the tourist board of the Istria County will distribute leaflets on fire prevention.


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