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Croatian Ministries cannot find employees even for positions with a starting salary of 8,000 Kuna

Written by  Jul 02, 2022

Job security in the public sector in Croatia has clearly lost its attractiveness and a situation of a shortage of workers has occurred, reports Jutarnji list. According to the report ministries cannot find employees even for positions with a starting salary of 8,000 Kuna.

The Ministry of Justice and Administration announced a competition on May 25 for 22 positions, including one for senior IT consultant, judicial information system specialist, with a starting salary of around 8,000 Kuna. And no one answered them.

They were also looking for the head of the service for international cooperation and only one candidate came forward. The starting salary here was around 9,000 Kuna.

The problems with the labour market faced by private companies, who can no longer find domestic worker and therefore increasingly import foreign workers, are increasingly spilling over to the civil service as well.

In the past, job security was attractive, especially during crises, when the private sector was forced to lay off workers, and today, when the situation is such that there is a shortage of workers everywhere, no one wants to work for the state, where the average wages are relatively low and where there is no real progress on the basis of merit.

In just three months of this year, the ministries were left without 165 people, and compared to a year ago, the number of employees decreased by 324, so at the end of March, 16,435 people were employed. Estimates are that a large number of administrative staff will retire in the coming period.


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