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Croatian diaspora invests more into the country than earnings from tourism Canva

Croatian diaspora invests more into the country than earnings from tourism

Written by  Jul 02, 2022

The diaspora sends more than tourism earns from the summer, writes Večernji list on Saturday, after research on how expats perceive Croatia.

Expatriates believe that the greatest advantages of the homeland are the sea and natural landscapes, tradition, cultural heritage, hospitality, gastronomy, rich history, and the greatest disadvantages are the weak economy, inefficient political power, the legacy of communism, low level of democracy and political culture, lack of community and care for the environment.

Although, according to the population census, Croatia has less than four million inhabitants, it can actually boast 8 million if all of the Croatian diaspora all over the world are included. If we exclude Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatian minorities in neighbouring countries, the facts show that more than 4 million Croatian emigrants and their descendants live on various world meridians and parallels. With the largest number of Croatian diaspora believed to be in the US and Chile. There are also significant numbers in Germany, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

They represent a strong potential of political, social and economic power. However, the question is to what extent they "feel" Croatia, what Croatian identity means to them, which could attract them to visit the homeland of their ancestors more and to invest, promote it and lobby for its political interests.


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