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We will fight with all means to get these frustrated fundamentalists away from our wombs - Croatia reaction to Roe vs Wade

Written by  Jun 25, 2022

The decision of the American Supreme Court to invalidate the constitutional right to abortion, as expected, provoked a number of reactions in Croatia as well, reports Novi List.

Among them was the radical pro-life activist Vice John Batarelo, who announced that Croatia will one day ban abortion. Along the way, he published a picture of the judges who made this decision, calling them "giants", as well as a photo of Donald Trump, whom he called a "face".

“A great victory for unborn life in the United States. Roe vs Wade was finally overturned! Federal U.S. law can no longer force federal states to have mandatory abortions in their legislation. It is expected that at least half of the U.S. states will either completely ban abortions or impose severe restrictions. And one day we in Croatia will create a law that will protect the unborn life and ban killing," Batarelo announced.

Among those who responded was the SDP MP Mirela Ahmetovic.

"We will fight with all means to get these frustrated fundamentalists away from our wombs and for the right to be free,” stated Ahmetović.

Ana Horvat Vuković from the Department of Constitutional Law at the Faculty of Law in Zagreb posted an explanation on her Facebook profile why abortion cannot be banned in Croatia.

Encouraged by some statements in which the decision of the US Supreme Court to overturn the judgment of Roe vs. Wade from 1973, which guaranteed the right to abortion, and which paves the way for numerous bans, and announcements that we could see the same thing in Croatia, Ana Horvat Vukovic pointed out that there is no room for panic and that abortion cannot be banned in Croatia.


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