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Could Croatia beat 2019 tourism figures this year?

Written by  Jun 19, 2022

After two pandemic years and lockdown people seem to have been bitten by the travel bug yet again. Neither the Ukrainian war, nor the enormous jump in prices, nor the rage of inflation has prevented people from travelling. This trend is shown by all the announcements of the upcoming main tourist season in Croatia, but also the actual data on the year so far. It looks like being a season better than most expected.

After the excellent Easter tourist results, the new data highlights the announcements of an excellent tourist season in Croatia, reports Jutarnji List. Corpus Christi is one of the holidays by which one can assess what kind of season awaits us. And data on traffic generated for this public holiday on motorways in the direction towards the sea show that this tourist season could even surpass the record breaking 2019.

According to Croatia Highways (Hrvatske autoceste), 38,387 vehicles entered the Lučko toll station on 16 June. That is 4.4 percent more vehicles than the record 2019. At that time, 36,752 vehicles entered the highway for Corpus Christi. Considering that Croatia is recognized as a car destination due to its developed motorway network, this new data shows just how could the season could be.

The Croatian Minister of Finance, Zdravko Marić, joined the good announcements of the season a few days ago, saying that "the value of fiscalized bills in terms of tourism in the first five and a half months of this year is 22 percent higher than the record tourist year 2019" and that we have every right expect a quality tourist season. "We hope there will be no negative shocks and in that case this year could surpass 2019," said the minister.

The announcements of an excellent tourist season are supported by the data of the Central Bureau of Statistics that 1.5 million tourists stayed in commercial accommodation in the first four months, and achieved 4.4 million overnight stays, which is 184 and 190 percent more than in the same period last year.

It would appear that after two years of stagnation that Croatia’s tourism industry is not only back on track it is in the express lane.


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