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Support for the Euro falling in Croatia as introduction comes closer

Written by  Jun 10, 2022

Support for the introduction of the euro in Croatia fell by seven percent in a year, according to a Eurobarometer survey, which shows that Croats are most afraid of rising prices and think that the Kuna will go down in history as part of its identity.

Eurobarometer on Friday presented the results of a survey conducted in April on citizens' attitudes towards the introduction of the euro in member states that do not yet use the common currency.

In Croatia, 55 percent of respondents said they were in favour of the introduction of the euro, which is seven percent less than last year, when the euro had the support of 62 percent.

According to the survey, Croats are most afraid that the euro will lead to an increase in prices, 81 percent of them.

Almost half (49 percent) think that the introduction of the euro will have negative consequences for Croatia, and 45 percent that it will have positive consequences.

Only 37 percent of respondents think that Croatia is ready for the euro, and 58 percent that it is not.

57 percent of Croats believe that the country will lose part of its identity with the introduction of the euro, and 42 percent will not, the survey showed.

The highest support for the introduction of the euro was recorded in Romania 77 percent and Hungary 69 percent, and the lowest in Bulgaria and the Czech Republic, 44 percent and Sweden 45 percent.

Of these seven countries, only Croatia has met all the criteria for joining the Eurozone. The final decision of the EU Council is expected in July, and from 1 January 2023, the euro will become the Croatian currency.


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