Friday, 19 August 2022
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Why is today a public holiday in Croatia?

Written by  May 30, 2022

The 30th of May is a public and national holiday in Croatia, it’s Statehood Day. On this day in 1990 the constitution of the first multi-party Croatian parliament was formed, clearly an important date to remember for modern day Croatia.

On May 30, 1990, the first democratically elected Croatian Parliament was established. Finally, after a long time and various regimes, which by their coercion or spiritual deception pushed the Croatian people to the very brink of survival, Croats gained the right to be on their own nation, to act for their own interests, not within regimes such as Hungary, Austria, Austro-Hungary, Royal or Socialist Yugoslavia.

Finally, on the 30th May 1990 Croatia was free to make its own path in the world, which highlights just how young the country is and how far it has come over the past 32 years.

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