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Cro Card aims to encourage more Croatians to holiday at home

By  Oct 31, 2016

At the Days of Croatian Tourism event held on the island of Brac last week, a tourist voucher the so called “Cro Card” designed by the consulting company Horwath HTL was presented to the public.

It is predicted that with the introduction of the tourist voucher or the “Cro Card” an amount of about two to four billion Kunas of direct net income will be generated, whilst the tourist sector could directly or indirectly provide almost 21,000 new job openings.
During the year employers would pay a certain amount of money to their employees for the expenses on the domestic tourism and hospitality services in order to reduce dependence of the Croatian tourist industry solely on foreign guests and to encourage stronger consumption of Croats on the domestic field.

''Our analysis predicted three possible scenarios, with a maximum amount of up to 10,000 Kunas which employers would ''pay'' into special cards for their employees. Fifty percent of that amount would be intended for accommodation expenses, 30 percent for hospitality services and the rest for tourist and cultural attractions'', explained Sinisa Topalovic, the director of the Horwath HTL adding that his company calculated that the idea of a tourist voucher should generate between 150 and 600 million Euros of new investments within a period of three to six years.

The Cro Card is also intended to encourage more consumption on the continent thus the coastal Croatia region would be excluded from this application during the peak season.
''Apart for the tourism industry and Croatian workers this project would be worthwhile to employers because through these payments they could achieve tax deductions in the amount of 25 percent up to 100 percent of the amount paid'', concluded Topalovic.

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