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Croatian island up for sale at over 20 million Euros

Written by  May 04, 2022

The real estate market in Croatia has been in full swing for a long time, with a wide variety of real estate and land on offer. They can often entice with their beauty and position and ignite visions, but what about your own Croatian island?

At a time when people are intensively thinking about where to spend their summer vacation, a real estate agency has put an uninhabited island on offer.

It is the islet of Ceja in the Medulin Bay, with a total area of 162 thousand square metres, of which 102 thousand "square meters" are privately owned, while the rest is state-owned. There is only one restaurant on the island, and an old house of 40 square metres, built before 1968. The island, which offers beautiful beaches, peace and quiet, has long been discovered by tourists, but you’ll need deep pockets as the Croatian island is on sale for a whopping 20.4 million Euro!

Although the price may seem high there are sure to be buyers interested in owning their own island. And this isn’t the only Croatian island up for sale. Islands in Dalmatia are also for sale. Several islands in the Kornati islands are for sale, at a price of 11 to 70 euros per square metre, and an island in the Šibenik archipelago is offered at a price of 700 thousand Euros, states Istria24.


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