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120 million Italian investment into Rimac Group Rimac Group

120 million Italian investment into Rimac Group

Written by  Apr 27, 2022

The Italian investment fund Investindustrial is investing a total of 120 million Euro (907.5m Kuna) into the Croatia company the Rimac Group in several rounds of financing, although part has already been invested, that amount includes the fund's participation in the next investment round for Rimac to be completed soon.

According to the Rimac Group, the funds will be used primarily for the further development of Rimac Technology and the serial production of larger quantities of key components for the electrification of vehicles for global car manufacturers.

Asked who are the main shareholders of the Rimac Group today, they answered that they are Mate Rimac with a share of 32.64 percent, Porsche AG with a share of 23.25 percent, Hyundai Motor Group with 10.35 percent, while all others together hold 33,76 percent ownership.

"The shareholder structure is subject to change in the next round of investment," said Rimac Group spokeswoman Marta Longin.

Investindustrial predicts that by 2025, every third new vehicle on the road will be electrically powered, and five years later, every other vehicle.

Mate Rimac started the company in 2009 in a garage, and today it employs more than 1,300 people. Among others, Rimac Automobile creates parts for Aston Martin, Pininfarina, Hyundai, Kiu, Koenigsegg and Porsche.

In July last year, Rimac said his company was developing an autonomous vehicle project, the so-called robotics, and the first copies, if the project succeeds, could be found in tests or rides on the streets of Zagreb in 2024

Today, however, it is better known for the production of super sports electric cars, and components for electric cars.

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