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100,000 fewer passengers entered Croatia on Good Friday than in the pre-pandemic 2019, but three times more than last year

Written by  Apr 17, 2022

The favorable epidemiological situation in Europe, including Croatia, after two years of more restrictive measures, this Easter, have brought us closer to the old normal, at least when it comes to tourism.

On Good Friday, 100,000 fewer tourists entered Croatia when compared to the pre-pandemic 2019, however, the situation is much better than in the past two years.

Yesterday, 270,032 passengers and 104,831 cars crossed the border. Three years ago, Easter was on April 21, and on Friday, April 19, 370,002 passengers and 112,202 cars entered Croatia, Jutarnji list writes.

Last year, Easter was earlier, on April 4, so there would be fewer guests under normal conditions, but the fact is that more restrictive epidemiological measures were in force. Foreign guests had to present at the border the reason for crossing, paid arrangements or have their own real estate that they planned to come to for the holidays. There were 87,597 entries into the country on Good Friday, and only 35,175 cars entered, which is 34 percent less than yesterday.

This year the situation is reminiscent of pre-pandemic, all measures have been abolished (except masks in the health and social system), there are no restrictions on the number of people at gatherings, working hours of restaurants and clubs are not limited, and families can socialize again without any restrictions.

That is why yesterday, and even today, the traffic increased on all state roads, especially in the direction of the sea, Jutarnji list writes.


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