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Doing business in Croatia is a complicated affair

By  Oct 28, 2016

The recently published World Bank report ''Doing business 2017: Equal Opportunity for All'' ranked Croatia in 43rd position among 190 countries which is slightly lower when compared to last year.

Croatia biggest failing was in the ''Starting a business'' category where it ranked as the 95th on the list (83rd last year) as well as in the ''Paying taxes'' category ranking 49th (38th last year).

On the other hand, the country made improvement in the ''Protecting minority investors'' category ranking as the 27th (29th last year), whilst in the ''Trading across borders'' it achieved solid results and remained at the same level as last year.

Croatia also improved in the "Resolving insolvency" category, ranking as the 54th (59th last year) and in the "Enforcing contracts" category, ranking as the 7th (10th last year).
However, the country was ranked worst in the "Dealing with construction permits" category in which it placed as the 128th (129th last year).

The ‘’Doing Business 2017’’ list was topped by New Zealand, followed by Denmark and Singapore, whilst Somalia placed as the worst on the World Bank’s list.

Among the countries in the region, Macedonia placed as the 10th, Slovenia as the 30th, Serbia 47th, Montenegro 51st and Bosnia and Herzegovina as the 81st.

The ‘’Doing Business 2017’’ report covered a twelve-month period including June 2016, showing that over three-fourths of 283 reforms undertaken in developing countries were carried out, and that a record 137 economies adopted key reforms which facilitate starting a small or medium business and doing business.

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