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139 Ukrainian pupils have enrolled in Croatian schools since the Russian aggression began

Written by  Mar 25, 2022

Pupils from Ukraine, who were forced to drop out of school in their country due to the Russian aggression, are enrolled in classes in Croatian primary and secondary schools, and so far a total of 139 have been enrolled, of which 124 are in primary and 15 are in secondary schools.

In order to facilitate the process of inclusion in Croatian schools, every refugee child is provided with preparatory classes in the Croatian language.

Students are included in classes in all subjects according to their abilities and capabilities, and at the end of the school year they receive final grades and a certificate.

According to the Ministry of Science and Education, out of 124 students enrolled in primary schools, most of them are in the Split-Dalmatia County, 22 of them.

In the area of the City of Zagreb and Požega-Slavonia County, there are 15 students enrolled each, in Međimurje and Primorje-Gorski Kotar County there are 13 students each, and 10 students are in Lika-Senj County.

Refugee children are enrolled in primary schools in the place where they reside. After talking to parents and students, the expert team determines which class the child should be included in, and the school provides textbooks for all students, Hina learned from the Ministry of Science and Education.

To enrol in high school, parents should contact the desired high school directly. After talking with them and the students, the school's professional team determines which class and program the student should join in order to continue his / her education in the program most similar to the one he / she attended in Ukraine.

In order to speed up and facilitate the enrolment process, students who do not have documentation on previous schooling, ie certificates, enrol on the basis of a signed statement from their parents, the Ministry notes.


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