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New Zagreb Cable Car opens tomorrow – first passengers on Thursday

Written by  Feb 22, 2022

The new Zagreb Cable Car will be officially opened on Wednesday at midday! The first passengers can ride the cable car, the Sljeme Cable Car, on Thursday and during the first month special promotional prices will be on offer, announced the Mayor of Zagreb, Tomislav Tomašević today.

After years of wait the Zagreb Cable Car finally opens this week and visitors, from Thursday, will be able to ride in one of 84 gondolas that can hold up to ten passengers. The ride lasts for around 15 minutes and takes passengers to a height of 1,030 metres above sea level. And all of the gondolas are equipped with ski and bicycle racks as well as Wi-Fi.

The opening hours for the Sljeme cable car are from 9:00am to 5:00pm on weekdays and from 8:00am to 6:00pm on weekends.


Base station of the cable car - Photo

With the caveat that the cable car is an inherited "megalomaniac project" of the former government and that all analyses have shown that the ticket price will never cover the cost of 537 million Kuna for its construction and maintenance costs, Tomasevic presented the prices of the cable car.

For adults, the price of a one-way ride will be 30 Kuna, and a return ticket 50 Kuna. For young people (between 15 and 24 years) and for people over 65, the price for one direction will be 20 Kuna, and a return ticket 30 Kuna. For children up to 14 years of age as well as for people with disabilities the cable car will be free. These prices are all relevant for the month promotional period.

The normal prices, after the special offer has finished, will be as follows –

In the first category are those who have a monthly or annual ZET (public transport) pass, for them the prices will be valid as during the promotional period.

In the second category are the citizens of Zagreb, in other words people who pay taxes in Zagreb, for adults one direction will be 40 Kuna, and a return ticket 70 Kuna. For younger and older categories, the price of a one-way ticket will be 25 Kuna, and a return ticket 40 Kuna, while for children under 14 and people with disabilities it will be free.

The highest ticket prices are planned for the third category, and these are all those who do not have a monthly ZET pass or live and pay taxes in Zagreb. Adults will pay 75 Kuna one way and 125 Kuna return ticket, for younger and older categories the price will be 50 Kuna for one and 75 Kuna for a return and for children and the disabled 20 and 30 Kuna.

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