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Croatia not in the position to follow UK and Israel Covid-19 restriction easing

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Jan 20, 2022

Croatian Health Minister, Vili Beroš, said on Thursday that Croatia, due to low vaccination coverage, cannot currently consider lifting a number of epidemiological restrictions, such as Israel and the United Kingdom.

In countries like Croatia, where there is an insufficient number of vaccinated, the profession still recommends adherence to epidemiological measures to limit the spread of the virus in the population, Beros said at a cabinet meeting.

The very high vaccination rate offers these countries the possibility of lifting restrictions, but the number of vaccinated in our country is insufficient, the Minister explained, and again warned that in the age group over 75 we have a significant number of unvaccinated.

Despite the large increase in the number of newly infected with coronavirus, there is currently no increase in the number of people hospitalized in Covid wards, so that the health care of non-covid patients is available.

"1,792 infected people are in hospital, four less than yesterday. The total occupancy of covid beds at the level of the entire hospital system is 53.4 percent, which enables the provision of health care to other patients," said Beroš on the day when a record 17,489 newly infected people were registered in Croatia.

The share of newly infected among PCR tested is 51.44 percent, and on rapid tests 18.82 percent, the minister added. "There are 195 patients on respirators, nine less than yesterday, which is a welcome stagnation of that number," he said.

He said that experts in Croatia are adapting to Omicron, which has changed the way and speed of spreading the virus, as well as the severity of the clinical picture.

“The Delta strain has a far more severe clinical situation and causes the need for respirators, oxygen and ECMO devices. Those infected with omicron who arrive in hospitals are mostly elderly and unvaccinated with a number of associated diseases,” he says.

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