Thursday, 26 May 2022
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Polish airline LOT announces return to Zadar with two lines

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Jan 18, 2022

The Polish national airline, LOT Polish Airlines, will resume traffic between Zadar and Rzeszow, the largest city in south-eastern Poland, in the upcoming summer flight schedule.

The Polish LOT has announced on its official website the return of the seasonal line between Zadar and Rzeszow, a city in south-eastern Poland with just under 200,000 inhabitants.

This route was introduced by the Polish airline in the summer of 2020, and regular operations also took place in the summer flight schedule in 2021, according to Croatian Aviation.

Flights between the two cities will take place once a week, every Saturday, starting on June 18, and the Polish airline plans to use 78-seat DashQ400 aircraft on them.

In addition to the regular route from Rzeszow, LOT Polish Airlines will operate to Zadar Airport on a regular route from its main hub - Warsaw.

Flights between Warsaw and Zadar should start on Saturday, April 30.


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