Sunday, 25 September 2022
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Statistics show that a city the size of Karlovac is currently infected with Covid-19 - states Croatian Minister of Health

Written by  Jan 13, 2022

At today’s government meeting the Croatian Prime Minister, Andrej Plenković, commented on the Covid-19 pandemic. Plenković said that the situation had not calmed down since the appearance of Omicron. “Of the three million new cases every day in the world, half are in Europe. The WHO has predicted that in the next two months, Omicron could infect half of Europe's population if it continues to spread like this. Although Omicron is more contagious it still causes milder symptoms, however, the mortality rate remains high,” Plenković said.

48,600 new cases of the infection have been reported so far this week. This is the highest number in one week, twice as many as two weeks ago, Plenković said, adding that the number of deaths from coronavirus infection in Croatia has now exceeded 13,000.

He reiterated the importance of vaccination and called on citizens to get vaccinated.

And the Minister of Health, Vili Beroš, added that the number of cases of coronavirus infection in the world has exceeded 317 million.

“To date the hospitals in Split, Zagreb and Rijeka have the largest number of patients. So far, 66.6 percent of the population has been vaccinated. I am particularly saddened by the slowdown in the daily rhythm of vaccination, which has killed several thousand people who would have been with us today if they had been vaccinated. We are continuing our efforts to ensure that as many unvaccinated and partially vaccinated people receive the vaccination,” stated the Minister of Health.

He added that “The current epidemiological situation is the result of holiday gatherings without adhering to epidemiological recommendations. Currently, statistics show that a city the size of Karlovac is currently infected with Covid-19. Epidemiologists expect omicron, which is the dominant variant, to infect a huge portion of the population. It is important to emphasize that it will cause a very mild form of the disease in the vaccinated, and a severe form and death in the elderly and unvaccinated.”


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