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Fixed petrol prices across Croatia to be stopped tomorrow

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Dec 06, 2021

From tomorrow, the prices of petroleum products in retail will be formed freely, said Minister Tomislav Ćorić at the Government session, adding that "Oil has become cheaper in the world."

At this morning's session, the Government of the Republic of Croatia decided to release fuel prices and to lift the restriction on the highest price of petroleum products. The decree in question has been in force since 14 October when due to rising global fuel prices the government decided to fix petrol prices across the country.

This decision stipulated that Eurosuper BS 95, Eurosuper BS 98 and Eurosuper BS 100 may not be sold for more than 11.10 Kuna per litre, and Eurodiesel BS for no more than HRK 11 per litre.

“We expect from next Tuesday that the reference price as such will be lower than we have prescribed. That is why we believe that from next Tuesday the regulation as such will no longer make sense in the context of defence against price increases,” announced Minister Ćorić.

Minister Ćorić stated “There has been a drop in the prices of oil and petroleum products on world markets, which would be reflected in prices from tomorrow.”


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