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MasterCard survey shows Croatians travelled less this year compared to 2020 Pixabay

MasterCard survey shows Croatians travelled less this year compared to 2020

Written by  Nov 29, 2021

In 2021, Croatian citizens travelled on average 2.7 times as tourists, which is less than 3.4 trips in 2020, and spent about 8,000 Kuna on the trip, unlike last year's 6,100 Kuna.

This was reported on Monday by MasterCard, based on the online MasterIndex survey on travel conducted in Croatia in September on a sample of about a thousand banking users aged 18 to 55.

In that survey in September this year, while the epidemiological situation seemed more favourable than at the end of November, respondents showed some optimism for winter travel abroad and in Croatia, and 43 percent said they planned it, compared to 21 percent last year.

The survey also showed that 37 percent of respondents do not plan to travel this winter, and a fifth still do not know if they will travel, or 46 percent said they do not travel abroad at all in winter, of which 41 percent because their personal finances do not allow it. And less than a third of them do not to travel because of fear that the pandemic will have affect their travel plans.

Half of the respondents or 51 percent plan to travel to a European destination for Advent, which is a big increase compared to last year, when only 11 percent planned it.

A quarter of respondents planned to go to European cities on New Year's Eve, and 17 percent to ski, which is also more than the 5 percent who planned it last year.

The most attractive locations for traveling in Croatia in winter for survey participants are Zagreb and its surroundings, central Croatia, and Istria.


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