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Inspectors to monitor sales on Black Friday

Written by  Nov 26, 2021

The State Inspectorate's market inspection is intensifying its monitoring of special forms of sales on Black Friday, the State Inspectorate reported on Thursday.

"Intensified inspections, apart from on Friday, November 26, have been carried out and will continued to be carried out if necessary, after that date, depending on the advertising by traders," said the State Inspectorate.

In inspections, as they state, market inspectors primarily supervise the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act which regulate the display of product prices when performing special forms of sales and related unfair business practices of traders in relation to consumers.

The State Inspectorate stated that last year they carried a similar action within which 108 inspections of a special form of sale were performed, and 18 violations of the provisions of the Law on Consumer Protection were determined.


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