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Two Dubrovniks vaccinated in Croatia last week Pixabay

Two Dubrovniks vaccinated in Croatia last week

Written by  Nov 24, 2021

Croatian Health Minister, Vili Beroš, said at a government session on Wednesday that the proportion of newly infected with Covid-19 among those tested in the last 24 hours was 40.59 percent, and 250 people were hospitalized, of whom 174 or almost 70 percent were not vaccinated with a single dose.

“The capacities of the Covid wards are being expanded every day, and they are being filled mostly by unvaccinated patients. This deprives non-Covid beds for other patients. And 80 percent of the fatalities from the virus should not have died, they should still be among us", said Beroš.

So far, 63 percent of the adult population in Croatia has been vaccinated, but the vaccination coverage is still insufficient if we want to avoid last year's situation with an overloaded health care system.

He pointed out that there is still an increased interest in vaccination, and that last week more than 84,000 people were vaccinated, which is equivalent to "two Dubrovniks".

In the health care system, more than 77 percent of employees are vaccinated with the first dose, and more than 90 percent of doctors are vaccinated.


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