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Police on hunt for Covid protests organisers in Zagreb as well as group who attacked journalists

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Nov 21, 2021

The Chief of the Police Sector of the Zagreb Police Administration, Davor Posilović, gave a statement to the media on Sunday following yesterday's protests related to the government’s measures on Covid-19. This protest hadn’t been reported to the police beforehand.

"Yesterday, a peaceful gathering or public protest was held at several locations in Zagreb, which was not reported. Investigations are being carried out intensively in order to determine the organizer", said Posilović.

“Thousands of citizens gathered at all locations, not all of whom were from Zagreb. We can also confirm that there was a certain verbal and physical attack on a member of the media house,” added Posilović.

An analysis of all recordings available to the police will be made, as well as footage from the cameras of the City of Zagreb, and interviews with eyewitnesses will be conducted.



There were reportedly other incidents and attacks on journalists. "At the moment, we have no information, because they have not been reported, we have this information from the media, but we call on them to report and it will be investigated," said Posilovic, adding that they have been in constant contact with Croatian Journalist Association since the incident.

Asked why the police did not prevent the protest, which was not reported and therefore illegal, Posilovic said that since it was not reported, there were no organizers of the rally. "We have certain knowledge and indications and measures are underway to locate the organisers,” said Posilović.

He confirmed that the HDZ flag was set on fire at the protest, and said that the police prevented other serious incidents.

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