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Huge protests against Croatian government Covid-19 measures fills Zagreb

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Nov 20, 2021

The centre of Zagreb was the scene of a massive protest against the Covid-19 measures across Croatia today with thousands collecting in the main square. Two large processions gathered in the capital and both made their way to the Ban Jelačić Square at around 3:00pm to let their feelings towards the government’s Covid-19 measures known.

Organizers from the Rights and Freedom Initiative announced on their Facebook this morning that more than 30 buses had arrived from all over the country.

The participants in the protest, which is also called the "White Silent March" on social networks, are asking the government to cancel Covid certificates, which are mandatory in healthcare, social services and state and public institutions.

The protest, according to reports, was not reported, and the Zagreb police announced that they would record this gathering.


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