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Coronavirus Croatia – Over 7,000 new Covid-19 cases in Croatia for the first time since the pandemic began

Written by  Nov 06, 2021

In the last 24 hours, 7,094 new cases of Covid-19 virus infection were recorded, and the number of active cases in Croatia today is a total of 31,689. This is the first time since the pandemic began that Croatia has seen more than 7,000 new cases in one day.

And over just the past two days around 14,000 new cases have been detected.

There are 1,786 people in hospital, of which 234 are on ventilators.

Unfortunately, a further 50 people died in Croatia in the past 24 hours.

The City of Zagreb has organized eight new vaccination points, which will start operating on Tuesday, November 9, as more and more people show an interest to get vaccinated.

Only just over 57 percent of the adult population in Croatia have been vaccinated, which is one of the lowest percentages in the European Union.

There are currently 30,256 people in self-isolation.


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