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Japanese company donates seismic warning system to Zagreb Cathedral

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Oct 27, 2021

A Japanese company has donated seismic devices for early warning and earthquake warning to the Zagreb Cathedral, the Press Office of the Zagreb Archdiocese reported on Wednesday.

The devices were also donated to the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Remete, the Clinic for Children's Diseases in Klaićeva and the Clinical Hospital Centre of the Sisters of Mercy.

"After the earthquake in Zagreb, I found out what happened through UNESCO and the Embassy of Japan, and I decided to help and donate these devices through them. I want Croatian citizens to be ready for earthquakes,” said the director of Challenge Co. Kazuo Sasaki.

Readiness is important so that they would no longer be afraid, but calmly continue with everyday life, he added.

During a visit to the cathedral, Sasaki said the device was made at the instigation of the Japan Meteorological Agency, which was working on a disaster alarm system.

The device detects the first earthquake wave a few seconds before people can feel it, the epicentre of the earthquake and its intensity. It sends this information to users who have the device, such as kindergartens, schools and private companies, in order to be ready for the earthquake, thus reducing panic among those affected by the earthquake.

The device was installed and tested in the cathedral in coordination with experts from the Seismological Service, the Department of Geophysics, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb, the Directorate of Civil Protection of the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Science and Education and the City Institute for Cultural and Natural Monuments.

Immediately after the devastating earthquakes that hit Croatia in March and December last year, the Croatian Commission for UNESCO and the Ministry of Culture and Media established emergency protection protocols, which were accompanied by the support of international partners.

Due to long-term good cooperation with Croatia, UNESCO offered support for the restoration of damaged cultural heritage, provided financial support through the UNESCO Emergency Fund and organized a donation from a public-private partner, the Japanese company Challenge Co., which manufactures special EQguard devices for early reporting. and earthquake warning.