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Croatia to become only fourth European country to enter USA Global Entry program

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Oct 23, 2021

The Croatian Minister of the Interior commented on the possibility of visa-free travel to the United States for most Croatian citizens. For tourist and business travel, that option starts today.

"We have signed a number of agreements, harmonized our security protocols and connected security systems. First of all, those related to passenger travel, in just one year we have connected with passenger bases of all airlines traveling to Croatia, with the FBI and the DEA,” said Minister Božinović.

He added “As of today, our citizens can travel to the United States without a visa. We promised that at the beginning of the mandate and we fulfilled it. I am grateful to all the institutions that participated, special thanks go to the US Embassy in Croatia.”

He added that due to the pandemic, they had to be very inventive, so interstate agreements were signed online.

"We have not stopped at this, we are in close contact with the Ministry of Homeland Security and I can say that the Republic of Croatia will be one of the few countries to enter the Global Entry program, which means that our citizens will be able to cross border crossings in the United States in a privileged way, without control. It is a system that the United States gives only to states whose institutions they have great confidence in. Along with Germany, Switzerland and Great Britain, Croatia will be the fourth European country to enter the Global Entry program,” said the Minister.


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