Saturday, 27 November 2021
Wet winter ahead Wet winter ahead AccuWeather

Expect a wet winter in Croatia as AccuWeather release winter forecast

Written by  Oct 21, 2021

The meteorological autumn has just reached its halfway mark, and the AccuWeather meteorologists are already predicting what our winter will be like. This week, they released an annual winter forecast for Europe, to help residents predict what costs await them due to rising energy costs but also the impact of the coronavirus.

Thus, AccuWeather forecasters say, among other things, that the shift of the polar vortex to the south will bring stormy weather conditions to southern Europe and the Mediterranean, so the coming winter will be marked by strong winds.

Some of the strongest storm winds are most likely to hit southern France, Spain and Portugal, and that area of Europe, after recording record rainfall this autumn, may still be hit by floods. In other parts of southern Europe, meteorologists predict, very wet winters will prevail, especially in the Balkans, where heavy rainfall is expected with above-average temperatures.


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