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Hawaii you have competition, Croatia is a magical place

By  Oct 11, 2016

While the daily temperature in the Sibenik area these days measuring around 15°C, the sea temperature is much warmer, around 21°C. Nevertheless, the river Krka is certainly a few degrees colder, but these brave tourists visiting Croatia didn’t seem to mind.

''We are freezing, but everything is great because we are in Croatia'', the beautiful Kimmi Stacey wrote on her Instagram profile, after she had taken a dip with her friends in the river Krka a few days ago.

According to her posted photos, Stacey who lives in Hawaii, but is currently in Germany as part of the student exchange program, has already visited many European cities from Amsterdam to Paris. But she is thrilled with Croatia.

''Hawaii, you have competition! Croatia is a magical place'', wrote the young Hawaiian girl under photos which show her and her friends in their swimming costumes on a deserted beach in Split and Veli Drvenik where they tried out in diving.

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