Tuesday, 07 December 2021
Lidl make the biggest profits Lidl make the biggest profits Canva

Almost 200,000 Croatians work in the retail sector – Lidl the biggest winner

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Oct 16, 2021

In 2020, 28,615 entrepreneurs operated in the trade sector, employing 192,367 workers and generating revenues of more than 260 billion Kuna, according to an analysis by the Financial Agency (Fina).

According to Fina, in 2020, 28,615 entrepreneurs operated in the wholesale and retail trade. For comparison, in 2004 there were 27,044, in 2009 27,262, and in the mentioned period the lowest number was in 2014, 26,260.

The largest total revenues in 2020 were generated by the supermarket chain Konzum, with around 10 billion Kuna. And in second places came the German supermarket giant Lidl with revenues of 6.1 billion Kuna and then Spar Croatia with around 5 billion Kuna.

In fact, Lidl was the biggest financial winner in 2020 with profits of 274.8 million Kuna.

The largest importer last year was Lidl, with imports of 2.3 billion Kuna, followed by Medika with 2.1 billion Kuna.

As far as salaries for the almost 200,000 workers in the retail industry in Croatia the average net monthly salary was 5,816 Kuna in 2020. When compared to 2004 salaries are just over 85 percent higher.


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