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Top cities in Croatia for an unforgettable fall vacation

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Oct 13, 2021

Autumn is a great time of the year to visit beautiful places. At this time, a special atmosphere reigns in Croatia. There are many picturesque places that nature gives to man. In this article, we will look at several cities in Croatia that look especially beautiful at this time of year. You can also visit the site -, and choose one of the profitable online casinos. They will allow you to have fun and get extra money from gambling. This can also be combined with rest.

List of cities to visit in Croatia in autumn

Croatia is the best place to visit in the fall. This country is located in the southern latitude. Therefore, she surprises with her landscapes. You can also meet many sights here. If a person wants to experience a storm of new impressions and emotions, then he definitely needs to go to Croatia in the autumn period. The country has a favorable climate and tourists will not have to freeze here or endure bad weather.

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Top 5 best cities to visit:

  • Rijeka;
  • Dubrovnik;
  • Pula;
  • Split;
  • Korcula.

When choosing a city to visit in autumn weather, you need to look at its location. This can affect the weather that will be present during the travel period. For example, Rijeka is a city located in the north of the country. Lower temperatures prevail there. In September, these indicators fluctuate around 15-20 ° С, and in October it can drop to 5 ° С. When at the same time warm weather prevails in Dubrovnik. In September, the air can warm up to 25 ° С, and in October it can stay at 20 ° С.


One of the largest cities in Croatia. The largest port is located here. There are many secrets and mysteries here. In the city you can find houses of excellent architecture, made in the Austro-Hungarian style. In addition to attractive buildings, you can find many cultural monuments and other attractions here. There are beautiful landscapes as well as excellent sunsets during the autumn period.


Autumn is a great time of the year to get acquainted with the historical monuments and values of Dubrovnik. During this period, there is no scorching sun. Therefore, in autumn it is comfortable to stroll through the streets and get to know this city better from the inside. There are a large number of museums, ancient architecture, historical monuments. If before that you visited Dubrovnik for the sake of the beach and the sea, then in autumn this city will open to you from the other side.


In September, in Pula, tourists can still enjoy warm money and even swim. This is the so-called velvet season for beach lovers. The city is no less beautiful in October and November. During these months, the weather is quite warm here relative to this time of year. Tourists can visit the beautiful sights of the city. Among the main ones is the amphitheater. This is a building that was built long ago. Previously, various performances and concerts were held here.


This city in Croatia is considered one of the most popular among those that are resort. Here, too, the time until October is considered the velvet season. But later in the fall, it will turn out to be no less exciting to spend your vacation here. The city is prized for its beautiful sights and excellent places to get close to nature. There are wonderful landscapes here. Late autumn in Split you can get to know the culture of the city better.


This is an island that has a special climate and landscapes. It also displays many pieces of architecture in the form of numerous buildings. Small streets allow you to enjoy the spirit of ancient times. Walking along them in autumn, a person can see the most interesting and unsurpassed features of ancient architecture. The island has a lot of vegetation and hills, which makes it more attractive. Enjoying the beautiful views of the autumn city will be an excellent travel option with a friendly company or family.


If you are planning a long trip to Croatia, then you should stock up on a large wardrobe of clothes and take with you everything you need for any weather conditions. This is due to the variability of the weather in some regions of the country. Or it is worth choosing cities with a more favorable climate, located in the south. To play slot machines in online casinos, while whiling away the evening, all you need to do is have a gadget and Internet access. You can get benefits, rewards, pleasant emotions on a gambling site wherever you can go to the portal.

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