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Croatia Feeds launched by Croatian National Tourist Board

By  Oct 10, 2016

At the beginning of October the Croatian Tourist Board (HTZ) launched an autumn promotional campaign ''Croatia Feeds'' on six European markets. By mid-November the HTZ will be inviting and motivating potential tourists with short and innovative descriptions of Croatian destinations to opt for Croatia for their next holiday.

This campaign includes the European markets of Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom, France, Sweden, the Netherlands and Switzerland with so called native advertising, display and advertising on social media.

The “Croatia Feeds” campaign was designed as ''story telling'' i.e. telling interesting stories about Croatia but in an intriguing and slightly different way in order to attract users' attention. The stories were selected depending on the preferences of each market'', reported from the HTZ Central Office.

The Croatian Tourist Board already tested its campaign on three markets (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) in the period from the end of August to mid-September. As reactions and market response were pretty successful, the HTZ decided to go on with the campaign this autumn on several foreign markets but for a longer period of time.

Apart from the Croatian Tourist Board, in the creation of the campaign and its special website with imaginative titles and numerous attractive photos also participated members of the Google creative team ''The ZOO'' which cooperates with numerous world brands and agencies. The main partner of this campaign is one of the leading international marketing agencies – BBDO.

The ‘’Croatia Feeds’’ campaign can be found on Google browser and on Google Display Network.

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