Tuesday, 19 October 2021
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New housing development in Zagreb has a waiting list of over 2,000 people for 153 apartments – and the starting price is 5,000 Euros per metre squared!

Written by  Oct 10, 2021

Financial crisis, what financial crisis. After almost two years of the pandemic and the pressure on businesses and financial institutions it was believed that the real estate business in Croatia would slow down. However, if the latest property development in the Croatian capital is any judge then the market seems far from slowly down.

A new apartment development in Zagreb, which includes a total of 153 new apartments, has a waiting list of over 2,000 buyers! And as the starting price is reported 5,000 Euros per metre squared the financial crisis seems a thing of the past.

Demand for real estate has long since broken all records, and the interest in new construction in Zagreb, especially in better locations, has gone through the roof. Of all the regions in Croatia property prices in the capital are rising the sharpest. Although Dubrovnik may still have the most expensive real estate in the country, both Zagreb and Split are catching up.

According to a report in Jutarnji List this new development, which is located in the area of the former Kamensko factory near Keglić, will also include new public areas and the whole project has been designed by the renowned architect Hrvoje Njirić.


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