Tuesday, 07 December 2021
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Vaccination among health workers intensifies across Croatia

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Oct 07, 2021

The Croatian Health Minister, Vili Beros, said at a government session on Thursday that vaccination is being intensified among health workers, whose coverage is now 71 percent, with the largest increase among nurses

"Compared to the week before, the share of unvaccinated decreased by 2.4 percent, and the highest number of vaccinated is recorded among nurses and other health professionals, by 2.8 percent," said Beroš.

He praised the health institutions for the good organization and implementation of Covid-certificates in hospitals. So far, 11,567 employees have been tested, 41 have tested positive for Covid-19 and 36 have refused testing.

"We are not endangering anyone's rights, but quite the opposite. Our task is to provide conditions for the realization of the right of every patient to safe treatment," he said.


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