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Spanish Prime Minister visits Croatia for the first time in three decades Twitter Vlada

Spanish Prime Minister visits Croatia for the first time in three decades

Written by  Oct 06, 2021

Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez arrived in Zagreb, today. This is the first time in three decades of Croatian independence that a Spanish Prime Minister has visited Croatia.

He met with Prime Minister Andrej Plenković, and with the Speaker of Parliament.

At the press conference after the meeting, Plenković thanked Sanchez for his visit to Croatia. "I am glad that today's meeting was meaningful and of high quality," he said, adding that they discussed strengthening relations between the two countries.

"A few weeks ago, Croatia was included in the cooperation MED 9, 9 EU members that are in the Mediterranean and this forum will serve to improve cooperation in a number of areas, especially key global issues - illegal migration, climate change and a number of security and development issues." he added.


Plenković says he is looking forward to cooperating with Spain in the tourism industry, which is very important to that country as well.

"Croatia and Spain have an exchange of about a billion euros. We think it’s good, but we had oscillations during the COVID crisis. Today, we discussed how to improve cooperation, how to make our private sectors cooperate as well as possible," said the Prime Minister.

They also talked about the EU enlargement process. Plenković says that Sanchez knows the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and other countries in the region very well.

Plenković also said that Sanchez invited him to visit Madrid.

And Pedro Sanchez thanked the Croatian Prime Minister for the invitation and warm welcome. He said next year will be the anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations that are only improving over time.


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