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Second phase of census Second phase of census

Second phase of Croatia census starts today as almost 8,000 enumerators go door-to-door

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Sep 27, 2021

This morning, almost eight thousand enumerators will hit the streets of Croatia and will visit all the citizens and residents who did not register themselves electronically in the census in the past two weeks.

The final data from the Croatian Central Bureau of Statistics indicate that around 1.32 million people completed the census online.

The Central Bureau of Statistics is conducting the census in two phases. The first phase began on September 13, with an independent census of the population in the electronic system e-Citizens. This is the first digital census conducted in the Republic of Croatia in this way, and citizens could choose how they want to be enumerated.

From today, September 27, to October 17, enumerators will go out “door-to-door” and will list everyone who did not enrol independently.

Enumerators will have T-shirts and masks with the features of the 2021 Census, accreditations and laptops, as well as EU digital COVID certificates, so citizens will be able to easily recognize them.

Almost 8,000 enumerators are engaged in the field throughout Croatia. Each enumerator will be in charge of between 200 and 250 households.


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