Tuesday, 19 October 2021
Croatia still in the red zone Croatia still in the red zone ECDC Screenshot

Croatia remains in red zone on new European Covid-19 map

Written by  Sep 23, 2021

The whole of Croatia has remained in the red zone on the new European Union Covid-19 map from the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control.

The epidemiological situation is best in Europe in Hungary, the Czech Republic and Denmark, and good conditions are also in parts of Italy and Spain. The worst situation in Europe is in Slovenia, which is the only one marked in dark red.

Red, to remind you, means a 14-day incidence of 75 to 200 infected per 100,000 inhabitants with a positive share of more than 4 percent, and areas where the 14-day incidence is infected from 200 to 500 per 100,000 people.

In the last 24 hours, 1,373 new cases of Covid-19 virus infection were recorded, and the number of active cases in Croatia today is a total of 8,615.

Among them, 694 people are in hospital, of which 89 are on ventilators.

Unfortunately, a further 15 people died in the past 24 hours.


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