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Health employees in Croatia – take a Covid test or face being fired

Written by  Sep 22, 2021

Employees in the health and social care system who do not want to be vaccinated, do not have a Covid-certificate, have not recovered from the virus and refuse a test for Covid-19, from October 1 will not be able to enter the institutions where they work, or will be considered not appeared at work, and then they will consequently be able to get an extraordinary dismissal, reveals Jutarnji List.

A government source explained that labour relations are already defined by the Labour Law and employment regulations for health and social care institutions, so that these regulations will not have to change but for those who do not want to have a Covid-certificate will be considered not did not show up at work.

According to the Employment Law, absenteeism can be considered a serious violation of employment and the employee can be fired for misconduct or extraordinary dismissal without the right to severance pay and notice period, and various labour regulations precisely define the procedures in these situations.