Saturday, 25 September 2021
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Every fifth construction worker in Croatia is a foreigner – you'll never guess which country they are from!

Written by  Sep 11, 2021

Every fifth construction worker in Croatia is a foreigner, with 2,388 Nepalese coming to Croatia this year alone.

Workers from the countries of the former Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo and Northern Macedonia have been the most numerous in terms of employment of foreign workers in Croatia for years, mostly in that order, and fifth place was usually reserved for workers from Albania, or sometimes for workers from Ukraine. But this year, in fifth place, according to the number of work permits issued, are workers from Nepal, reports N1.

According to data received by Novi List from the Ministry of the Interior (MUP), 2,388 work and residence permits had been issued to Nepalese citizens by 1 September this year. As a total of 52,679 work permits were issued in the same period, this means that every 22nd foreigner who received a work permit in Croatia is from Nepal.

Around the same time in pre-pandemic 2019, at the end of August, 480 Nepalese people were employed in Croatia. The number of citizens of that Asian country who came to Croatia for work in two years has almost increased fivefold.

The numbers are comparable because by the beginning of September this year, the Ministry of the Interior issued almost the same number of work and residence permits to third-country nationals as in 2019.

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