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As many as 427 people received at least 16,000 Kuna a month from former Zagreb mayor

Written by  Sep 09, 2021

In the last year of Milan Bandić's mayoral term of Zagreb, 427 people signed work contracts with the City of Zagreb, with the former mayor’s friends and associates the “lucky” beneficiaries of millions of Kuna, writes Jutarnji list writes on Thursday.

A total of 9.942 million Kuna was paid from the Zagreb city budget for all services ordered through such contracts in 2020. In May of this year, the new City Control Office became interested in how and for what exactly where these huge budget millions were spent, and audited the conclusion and execution of employment contracts in all city administrative bodies.

As expected, old Bandić's friends and associates were among the lucky ones who agreed on fat fees with the City of Zagreb.

Bandić passed away from a heart attack in February 2021. And in 2021 the Zagreb local elections were held at which Tomislav Tomašević from the political party “Možemo!” (We Can!) won and became the new mayor.

Tomašević promised a whole range of actions and policies to clear the corruption of the previous mayor and to introduce a transparent method of work.

And now Jutarnji List has reported that as many as 427 people received at least 16,000 Kuna a month for their work during the last year of the Bandić regime.


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