Tuesday, 26 October 2021

Đikić: Countries with less than 50 percent vaccinated are the most endangered

Written by  Sep 05, 2021

Vaccination is a key factor in stopping the spread of coronavirus infections caused by the delta strain, and countries that have vaccinated less than half of their population are particularly at risk, stated Croatian scientist Ivan Đikic, as he spoke to the Sarajevo-based Dnevni Avaz portal on Saturday.

Đikić pointed out that it is now quite clear that the delta strain leads not only to a faster spread of the infection but also to a higher percentage of deaths caused by the infection.

"The positive thing is that countries that have vaccinated the majority of the population, 70 to 80 percent, are largely protected from the more dangerous characteristics of the new delta strain. Unfortunately, countries that have less than or about 50 percent vaccinated are at greater risk," said the Croatian molecular biologist.

Unvaccinated people will make up 90 percent of those affected during the fourth wave of the pandemic, which has already begun, Đikic estimated.

He points out that the numbers are clear evidence of what he and other scientists are warning about.

He reminded that more than 5.3 billion people have been vaccinated worldwide so far, and only in two to three percent of cases, have side effects occurred.

"People who can be vaccinated, and who are still thinking, have fears, misconceptions or questions, should be well informed. Based on accurate information, they should make the right decision," Đikic said.


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