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Amazon opening in Croatia Amazon opening in Croatia

IT giant Amazon to open first office in Croatia

Written by  Sep 05, 2021

Amazon, one of the five largest technology companies in the world, after two years of preparation, has formally started opening an office in Zagreb. To begin with, Amazon are looking for 15 employees, and unofficially it is mentioned that the final number of employees could rise to 50. Although this company is best known in our Croatia as an online retailer, and the largest in the world, it is much better known in the IT industry for cloud services, reports Jutarnji List.

More or less all digital services today, from Netflix, Spotify, Gmail, Outlook to e-Citizens, are located in the cloud, i:e on particularly strong computers, so-called servers, located in special buildings - data centres, which are accessed via the internet. Amazon was the first company in the world to offer cloud services. Not directly to end users, but to companies like Netflix, whose entire service runs from Amazon's cloud.

Two years ago, Amazon, through its subsidiary A100 Row Inc. opened in Croatia the company Amazon Data Services Zagreb Ltd. Last year, the company generated 1.75 million Kuna in turnover, mostly internally, according to business units within Amazon.

At the same time, in October, Amazon expanded its business in Croatia through online shopping. They assigned the work of local and regional distribution of their packages to Croatian Post and thus covered that part of the business. Now the technology giant, which is next to Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft, has decided to strengthen its cloud business in Croatia.

First, in February, it leased servers for 'caching', basically connecting Zagreb directly to its cloud infrastructure. They then stated that they could offer customers, like Netflix, 14 percent faster data transfer to users. In the second step, Zagreb is now developing a team that would deal with the design and implementation of large cloud projects on a global level.

That is why, among the 15 advertised positions in Zagreb, Amazon is not looking for developers or e-commerce specialists, but a whole range of experts who would deal with the design and maintenance of cloud infrastructure. The list includes technicians, electricians and other experts for the design and maintenance of the infrastructure on which today's Internet rests. The conditions set by Amazon are a university degree and seven years of experience in the industry.

It is known that in Croatia both Microsoft and Google have their 'caching' servers. The industry comments that Amazon has started working more actively in Croatia for a number of reasons.

The first reason is experts. In addition, Croatia has been the global headquarters of the American company Emerson Electric for the design and development of data centres for more than a decade, and the so-called modular data centres used by Facebook were designed, built and delivered to that company from Croatia. The business was later inherited by the American company Vertiv, which built a data centre factory in Zagreb in April.

The industry also states that a number of companies in Croatia have announced or built data centres according to world standards, meaning at least Tier 3 categories, as stated by PCK, HT, A1 and Altus IT. The latter was taken over exactly a year ago by the world's largest data centre service provider, the American Digital Realty.


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